Big Things on the Beach

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Big Farewell

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The Big Farewell - St Mark's Episcopal Church at 7.30 on Monday March 20th. 2017

The Trustees of Big Things On The Beach, Portobello's Public Art Trust, have decided to dissolve the charity because of increasing difficulties in raising money for public art projects, a lack of responsivness of Edinburgh City Couoncil to the 'Public Art Strategy for Portobello Promenade, and the reduced capacity of volunteer trustees to maintain the commitment required to deliver the objectives of the charity.

We are holding an event to celebrate our work since 2003, at St Marks Episcopal Church, Portobello at 19.30 on Monday March 20th. We intend to tell the story of BTOTB in a lively and intereactive way.

In addition to community speakers we will have responses from;

Kenny Hunter - public artist and head of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and

Paul Lawrence - Director of place, City of Edinburgh Council.

We are very proud of what we have achieved since 2003, when we first began to think about creating an organisation to Promote Portobello as a site for making and showing public art.

You might remember that when BTOTB was formed, we were talking about the need for more dynamism in the community and for a better public profile for Portobello.

Today Portobello is a different place with different priorities and several exciting projects under way. We are happy that we have been able to make a contribution, however small, to the positive development of the community.

One of the features of BTOTB has been the 'Imagine Portobello' events that we have organised, where we have created opportunities for people to share their visions for the future of the community. In this same spirit, we will be holding a Big Farewell this Monday March 20th witha lively presentation of Big Things achievements as well as the challenges we have faced, and a critical look at the cutltural and economic envireoment in which we have tried to develop our intentions for making Portobello Promenade a site for public art.


Damian Killeen OBE


Big Things On The beach



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Big Things on the Beach is a public art trust in Portobello, a seaside suburb close to the city centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was formed by a group of residents in 2003 to explore the potential of the seafront as a site for engagement with public artworks by both emerging and established artists.

Since 2004 we have commissioned artists to create substantial temporary artworks, trained ourselves and others in the process of commissioning public artworks through international site visits and guest lectures and successfully raised funding to these ends.

Our current project - The Big Welcome - is supported by Creative Scotland, Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership and Edinburgh City Libraries